Bangkok Free Trade Zone (BFTZ) is an area of 1,000 rai (400 acres/ 160 hectares), highly developed to support manufacturing, storage, distribution, warehousing and other logistics services.


  • In additional to manufacturing allowed operating in BFTZ, BFTZ is the most nearest Purple Area and Free Zone to Bangkok which opens opportunity for non-polluted manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics center. There are several industrial clusters including automotive, electronics, and other industries nearby.
  • Companies always prefer to establish their facilities not very far from Bangkok, BFTZ for instance, since it is easier to draw competent staff to work with.
  • In addition, the BFTZ staffs are keen to help advising clients on how to establish business, to apply for BOI investment promotion, to request factory certificate, to seek custom free-zone user license, and other business related matters. 
  • Manufacturing of parts and component for major industries such as; automotive, electronics, manufacturing equipment, and other light industries. 
  • Manufacturing of machinery and equipment in case of duty levied on components and parts higher than finished products e.g. industrial mold and tools.
  • Maintenance, repair, recondition, and overhaul services of used machineries or vehicles. 
  • Repacking, rebottling, and relabeling of products in order to match with different distinctive markets.
  • Distribution Center for products mainly produced in Thailand and consolidated with merchandises manufactured from different production bases.
  • High value merchandizes and luxury goods, which must pay very high import duty and excite taxes rate when imported into domestic, such as luxury car, alcohol and tobacco.  
  • Logistics firm that provides services to its customers on warehousing, transportation, or renders other supply chain management functions to its customers’ needs.

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