An area for business activities operations similar to other industrial zone, merchandises can be moved freely into or out of the zone.

The GENERAL ZONE is rather suitable for industries which mainly use domestic raw material and sell domestic. As a general-purpose zone, multiple companies can simultaneously use it to store equipment, merchandise, parts, and other goods. 

When you rent warehouse or factory in this zone, costs associated with the lease are shared, effectively reducing the liability of each company. To rent factory in a general zone is especially cost-effective to importer and exporter of finished goods. 

When is it financially and economically beneficial to rent warehouse/factory in a general zone? 

You only need to rent warehouse in Bangkok for a short amount of time. 

You're in Bangkok to rent factory on an as-needed basis and save on costs associated with building, operating and maintaining a stand-alone warehouse. 

Moreover, facilities in a general zone comes with services related to logistics, packaging, inventory control and the like. 


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