Bangkok Free Trade Zone (BFTZ) is an area of 1,000 rai (400 acres/ 160 hectares), highly developed to support manufacturing, storage, distribution, warehousing and other logistics services.

Bangkok Free Trade Zone (BFTZ) is recognized for providing high quality warehouse and factory for rent in Bangkok over the past 8 years. Even with just 30 people in our employ, we managed to complete of 300,000 sq. m. This is a testament to our efficiency and integrity. 

When you rent warehouse or factory from us, expect facilities and solutions designed to ensure efficient business operation. 

What makes BFTZ unique is that we provide both Free zone & General zone in the project, complete with zone-specific privileges.

Moreover, we offer a variety of products to suit a range of business needs. Our factory in Bangkok is available in mini and stand alone structures. You can also rent warehouse in flat-slab and raised-floor system. 


  • Convenience to commute
  • Near ports. airport and well connected with road network
  • Near commercial center and industrial clusters
  • In additional to manufacturing allowed operating in BFTZ, BFTZ is the most nearest Purple Area and Free Zone to Bangkok which opens opportunity for non-polluted manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics center. There are several industrial clusters including automotive, electronics, and other industries nearby.
  • Companies always prefer to establish their facilities not very far from Bangkok, BFTZ for instance, since it is easier to draw competent staff to work with.
  • In addition, the BFTZ staffs are keen to help advising clients on how to establish business, to apply for BOI investment promotion, to request factory certificate, to seek custom free-zone user license, and other business related matters. 

Industrial Zone Privileges:

  • BFTZ is announced in the government gazette as an Industrial Zo ne . Factory is allowed to esta b lish.

Free Zone Privileges:

  • Relief from import and internal tax and duty
  • Duty elimination on waste. scrap and yield loss
  • No bank guarantee
  • Improving cash flow and cost efficient
  • Manufacturing of parts and component for major industries such as; automotive, electronics, manufacturing equipment, and other light industries. 
  • Manufacturing of machinery and equipment in case of duty levied on components and parts higher than finished products e.g. industrial mold and tools.
  • Maintenance, repair, recondition, and overhaul services of used machineries or vehicles. 
  • Repacking, rebottling, and relabeling of products in order to match with different distinctive markets.
  • Distribution Center for products mainly produced in Thailand and consolidated with merchandises manufactured from different production bases.
  • High value merchandizes and luxury goods, which must pay very high import duty and excite taxes rate when imported into domestic, such as luxury car, alcohol and tobacco.  
  • Logistics firm that provides services to its customers on warehousing, transportation, or renders other supply chain management functions to its customers’ needs.

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