Our services cover all aspects of regulation on “How to start up and execute your business productively”.


These include:


icon consultation


To give consultation and to coordinate with the Board of Investment on seeking and applying for Investment Promotion. Our services cover all aspects of regulation.

icon license


To assist and work with tenant on submitting necessary paper for Free Zone License (License code: 185) and Factory License.

icon service


  • Repair and maintenance of factory/warehouse and common area.
  • Facilitate tenant’s operation.
  • Troubleshoot problems and difficulties
  • Office hours from Monday - Saturday 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 
  • Non-office hour and weekend: Staffs are also available on duty



icon check point

On-site Custom Clearance

Operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

icon truck


Weighting apparatus for truck

icon security

Security Protection

24-hour security guards, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

icon store

Retail Zone

Convenient store and canteen with options of food vender.


BFTZ has developed high quality "Infrastructure" and "Facilities" to accommodate all types of business whether manufacturing, storage, distribution or warehousing.



icon road


Reinforced concrete road clear width 12-15 meters

icon electric supply

Electricity supply capacity

Provided by Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA)

icon water supply

Water supply capacity

Provided by Bangkok Free Trade Zone

icon telecom


Telephone, ADSL, Leased-line, fibre optic and ISDN provided by Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT)

icon fire

Fire prevention

Fire hydrant installed

icon flood

Flood prevention

Dike, reservoirs, water pumping system

icon waste water

Wastewater treatment

2,800 cu.m. per day (1st phase), treat from BOD 500 mg/l to BOD 20 mg/l


icon check in

community mall

Retail stores, food court and restaurants and commercial banks

icon check in


Chakri Naruebodindra Hospital, Bangna2 Hospital and Jurarat5 Hospital

icon check in

government offices

Institute for Skill Development, Social Security Office and Provincial Industrial Office

icon check in

Residential Zone

National housing projects more than 5,000 units in 118 buildings

icon check in

Public Transportation

Public vans, public bus no.132