Frequently Asked Questions


Do we need to apply license for setting up business in BFTZ?

It needs to apply Factory License in case of setting up factory. For warehousing, generally need no license unless the operation involved with hazardous substance etc. 

BFTZ, however, comprises of two zones, namely Free Zone and General Zone. Both factory operation and warehousing in Free Zone area needs Free Zone License

How can we get Factory license?

Since BFTZ is announced an "Industrial Zone" which officially granted in the government gazette by Ministry of Industry and also endorsed as a "Purple Area". So factory license can be awarded with ease.  However, our staff will help working with you till it is done.

How can we get Free Zone (FZ) license?

There are certain basic criteria to setting up business in FZ. Our staffs will help working with you similar to Factory License.  

What is difference between Free Zone and General Zone?

Free Zone is an indicated area for industrial manufacturing, logistic, and other business activities operations with no custom duty and VAT on purchase or importation of raw materials, components or finished goods.

General Zone, unlike free zone, custom duty and VAT are imposed on those imported raw materials, components or finished goods.

Any qualifications required to establish in Free Zone?

If we are already BOI promoted company, do we also need to get Free Zone License?

Yes, you do, since Free Zone is a designated area conducted by Custom Department and it’s rather a specific location for establishing business, then, company who wish to be in this area is required a Free Zone License. 

Whereas BOI privileges involve with corporate income tax exemption and import duty exemption. Regarding project execution, those who are located in free zone area are much more convenient since goods are admitted on-site Custom Check Point with simple custom entry procedures. No need to go through BOI-project execution on goods imported procedures.


If our warehouse is located in Free Zone, what are the normal practices when our containers arrived in Thailand?

The containers which indicates destination to BFTZ do not need to be opened for inspection at the port of disembarkation, they are allowed to proceed directly to BFTZ for importation procedures. However, under circumstances, custom authority may request to x-ray some of them right at the port. The clearance of document and inspection will be simply done at BFTZ on-site Custom Check Point.

Are buildings in Free Zone and General zone different?

No, both zones have 4 types of ready built building

       (1) Raised-floor warehouse

       (2) Flat-Slab warehouse

       (3) Mini factory

       (4) Stand alone factory.

Can we buy land and factory after some years of lease?

We must apologize that BFTZ project is for rent only.

Can staffs live in the premise?

No, they cannot. The government regulation prohibits staff from residing in any industrial area, they are allowed only resting during work shift.

What kind of public transportation to go to Bangkok Free Trade Zone?

There are public vans available from BTS Udomsuk station to BFTZ. However, if you would like to feel more like the local, public bus no.132 is also available. Taxi is the most convenient way to reach there.

Can we operate our factory 24 hour?

Yes, you are allowed to do so.

Can we pursue customs clearance after office hour?

Normally, Customs officer will be on duty from 8.00-16.00 hrs. However, custom clearance after office hour can be processed by arrangement with on-site custom official, extra fee/overtime will be charged.